AMP Scale

The AMP Scale from best (green) to worst (purple).

Notice: This term is only used on this Wiki and the Pookie Protectors Wiki.

The AMP Scale is a scale used in Club Penguin that describes the behavior of pookies. Usually, pookie protectors use this to describe how bad a pookie is. The scale helps other pookies and mumus who may need assistance.

It shows the behavior of a pookie and is used to make it easier for any pookie, mumu, or wista to report or rate behavior so they can avoid/report the diva if needed.

Anything from above the Naughty Pookie level is very dangerous. Report/ignore them and leave the server immediately. Unfriend them if you have them on your friend list. Depending on their behavior, you may need to stay off the server for awhile.


1- (Devastating) Domino Divas

2- (Very Bad) Drama Llamas

3- (Above Normal Bad) Mean Evil Lying Divas (MELDs) 
Amp scale

Another diagramatic representation of the AMP Scale.

4-(Bad) Diva Pookies

5- (Annoying) Naughty Pookies

6- (Normal) Regular Pookies

7- (Great) Nice Pookies

8- (Best) Citizen Pookies

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