Abusive fam fams are Fam Fams that have but are not proud of their very own pookie.

What are they like?

A pookie in a oven

What an abusive fam fam normally does (putting their pookie in the oven).

The mumu and duh duh are kind to the biggy broder/wista (if there is/are) but mean to the pookie. Even the biggy wista and broder might abuse him or her.

What do they do?

They will make the pookie do dirty work while they relax and watch TV. Sometimes, if the pookie talks it will get locked in a cage and whipped. A pookie might try and get a Pookie Protector to come and save them if the igloo is open.

How to counter an abusive fam fam's actions

There're several ways of defending yourself from an abusive fam fam, like the following:

  • Remove them all from your friend list and run away without saying where you're going. To round it off, give them a fake lead, like saying "Goes to Ski Lodge!" but instead going to the Puffle Hotel, for example.
  • Look for a Pookie Protector around. If you can't find one just like that, say "Pookie Protector needed!" and if there's one in the room, he/she'll come to protect you.
  • The easiest, ignore whatever mean things they say and report them to CP.

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