A pookie dressed as an angel on Club Penguin.

Sometimes, after pookies or other family members "die" (also called pie or did on Club Penguin), they will become angels, or ghosts. They will often wear white or light pastel-colored dresses and sometimes will be the color white. They usually have wings, but sometimes they have a boa or another neck item in the place of wings.


  • This word can also be used to describe a polite, kind, and/or innocent pookie.
  • A pookie that did not lead a good life will become demons, not angels. A pookie that was abused will become a ghost or an angel, but they will punish their fam fam.
  • Angels don't haunt the fam fam like ghosts.
  • Some pookies have an ability or a power to become an angel. This is rare, however.
  • Most angels will wear the Angel Wings item.

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