A Bear is a uncommon pet .

Bears seem to be incredibly uncommon found in pookie households, as most mumus think they are "dangerous". Extremely rarely, a mumu may get a bear as a bodyguard.


A bear eating a pookie.


  • Sometimes, bears are pookie haters in disguise.
  • Most bears mistake pookies for food, and eat them.
  • Pookies can also be allergic to bears, expressing sneezes and coughs.
  • Rarely, bears don't like the mumu, and run away with the pookie.
  • Bears are now gaining more popularity because the bear costume is available to everyone using the code "BEARCUBS"
  • Sometimes, A bear may also pretend to be an uppie.
  • They can be mean or nice.
  • Rarely, a mumu will get a bear as a bodyguard
  • One Bear has enough strength to take down a wolf pack.
  • Nonmembers sometimes use the bear costume as an uppie costume, causing confusion.

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