The Bee Antennae are a popular item worn by pookies. It is a common item and worn by almost all pookies. 

Bee Antennae
BeeAntennae (1)
Bee Antennae

Full Name

Bee Antennae

Common on pookie rating


Range of patterns/colors ?


Member Item



Yes (Costume Trunk)

Still available?



  • This item similar the Alien Antennae and the Ladybug Antennae. See the disambiguation page for more details.
  • A lot of penguins wear this item because it is not rare and because it looks cute to most people.
  • They may wear it because the yellow blends in with their color and the antennae looks like hair. They also may wear it because it is a childish-type item.
  • It is commonly worn by girls but can be worn by boys, which is very rare.
  • It goes with the Bee Costume.
  • It is extremely common on uppies, almost all penguin-like uppies wear this.

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