Big Fam Fams are when a family has a large amount of members. They may have more pookies, older siblings, etc. Here are some of the types of big fam fams. 

Cp family

A big fam fam

Older Sibling Fam Fam

These fam fams have a lot of older siblings. Like Biggy WistaMiddle WistaBiggy Bro, or a Middle Broder with three or two pookies. This is a good big family to have since biggies and middles don't require as much care and attention as pookies do. They can also help out with the pookies bathtime, feeding, when their sick, playing, etc. They can also watch them when the mumu and/or duh duh go out. 

Pros: They can be very helpful and won't run away as much

Cons: Teens sometimes cause drama or may wrongly influence the pookie(s).

Pookie Fam Fam

This family is when there is usually 6-4 pookies with 1-2 biggy siblings. This family can be very stressful since pookies need lots of attention. Some pookies may get jealous and become Naughty Pookies to get attention. This can cause havoc in the igloo. Some things pookies might do to get the mumu's attention back to them is to, fall, get trapped in the oven, drown, get sick, cry, knock things over, etc.

Pros: This is good fam if a penguin likes having lots of pookies

Cons: Pookies may leave due to neglection.

Au Au Fam Fam

In this fam fam a Au Au has the large fam. Your fam will either be big as well or normal sized. Sometimes the fam will go to visit Au Au and her fam together. They may go on vacation together. 

Pros: There will still be a big fam fam but the mumu won't have to work as hard

Cons: The Au Au may not want a big family or can't handle the stress.