An example of a female biggy.

A Biggy is the big sister/brother of a pookie. They are teenagers in High School or College, and they are extremely common in the Pet Shop.



Another example of a female biggy.

For more information on Biggy names, click here.

Biggies will often have names so they can be identified by their Fam Fam by "Sabrina" and not be called "biggy",for example. Popular names for girls include Ellie, Stephanie, Bella and Anna, while popular boy names include James, Chris, and Jonathan. Sometimes, biggies will use their real name.

Clothes they wear

For more information on what Biggies wear, click here.

Everyday, biggies might change their look to look more 'grown up', like pookies. Biggies usually wear teenage like clothes or cheerleading dresses or hockey jerseys for girls, and football/hockey jerseys, t-shirts, and hoodies for boys.

Common Phrases


An example of a male biggy.

Screenshot 2015-07-20 at 21.07.46

Another example of a male biggy.

  • walks with sassy sway models beg for!
  • searches for Fam Fam!
  • awww/awwwh!
  • adjusts (insert detail here) (insert color here) boa/scarf!
  • walks in (color) trainers!
  • has nightmare but isn't scared!
  • glares at mom/dad! (when trying to be picked up as if they were pookies)
  • checks notifications on ipad/iphone/ipod/tablet!
  • smiles with big girl/boy teeth!
  • laughs like silver/tinkling bells!
  • picks up/hugs wittle wista/broder!
  • taps miss OMG/universe/world!
  • throws football!
  • fixes hair!
  • does homework!
  • writes (name) in blue/pink ink pen!
  • writes (name) in cursive!


  • Very rarely, a fam fam will only consist of biggies. This usually happens when the pookies had grown up, and the mumu/duh duh doesn't want to get another pookie.
  • How they get picked is they go up to the mumu and say something like "taps miss OMG" or simply just "taps", followed by "may I be biggy?"
  • Many biggies are preps, who are teenage penguins that are mainly cheerleaders and/or football players.

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