Biggy Contests are exactly like Pookie Contests and Mumu Contests but they are aimed at biggies. However, these are extremely rare and mostly occur whenever a mumu cannot choose between a biggy.

How It Works

Biggy Contests are the same as Pookie Contests. However, in pookie contests, the theme is more childish. For example, a theme in a pookie contest might be "Princess". The mumu might want to change the theme up a bit, so the biggies don't feel like they're being treated like a pookie.


  • They mostly happen in busy pet shops.
  • Mumus may advertise these to try and get pookies to become biggies and go to the contest.
  • Some biggies don't like them because they think it's unfair.
  • Biggy Contests are extremely rare and you might not ever see one in your pookieing career.

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