Birth is when a pookie is born. Pookies can be born in two different ways. Some will be in eggs, and they will hatch. The other kind of birth, which is slightly more popular, is when the fetus grows inside the mumu's uterus, then they are born like the way humans are born. Pookies who are born this way are usually called Tummy Pookies.


A mumu giving birth to a pookie (names are blocked out for privacy).

Pros and Cons for Tummy Birth

Cons for Birth

  • Sometimes, tummy pookies might have to surgically removed by a doctor.
  • The mumu will feel serious after pain if the Tummy needs to be surgically removed, and she will have perment scars on her belly. She will also need to be bedridden for a few weeks.
  • The mumu will experience about eight hours (two Club Penguin minutes) of pain.
  • You can easily get banned for birth, so be very careful.

Pros for Birth

  • You will be able to build a better relationship with your newborn.
  • You will be your pookie's true mother.
  • You will have a lot in common with your pookie.

Other Types of Births

Pookies aren't the only one to be given birth to. Although it is rare, you can sometimes see uppies, kitties, and many other animals being given birth to. This usually might occur through an egg though.

When the animal is born it will be ready to be adopted and live with another family, or sometimes they will live with their own family in The Forest.


  • Pookies will be the color red or peach after birth, and he/she will need to be clothed, cleaned, and warmed.
  • Egg birth is much easier, since you can adopt it and the pookie just needs to hatch if you take good care of it.

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