Birth was when a pookie is born. Pookies were born in two different ways: hatching and delivery. Some developed in eggs; a white pookie or a pookie wearing the ghost costume. The other kind of birth, which was more popular, was when the fetus grew inside the mumu's uterus. Pookies like this are born the same way humans and most other mammals are delivered. Pookies who were born this way were usually called tummy pookies, tummies, or tum tums. This is very ironic because penguins are birds and birds do not give live birth.


A mumu giving birth to a pookie (names are blocked out for privacy).

Pros and Cons of Tummy Birth

Pros for Delievery

  • You would have been able to build a better relationship with your newborn.
  • You would have been your pookie's true mother.
  • You would have had a lot in common with your pookie.
  • Many pookies preferred tummy births.

Cons for Delivery

  • Sometimes, tummy pookies might of had to surgically removed by a doctor.
  • The mumu would have felt serious pain if the tummy needed to be surgically removed, and she would have had permanent scars on her belly. She would've also needed to bedridden for a few weeks (about a Club Penguin day).
  • The mumu would've experienced about eight hours (a few Club Penguin minutes) of pain.
  • You can easily get banned for birth, so be very careful.
  • Some people thought of it as gross and weird because penguins lay eggs.

Pros and Cons of Egg Birth

Pros for Hatching

  • It was easier on the mumu.
  • Eggs didn't follow your every step.
  • It was more widely accepted by the public as penguins are avians.

Cons for Hatching

  • Sometimes, it was boring for the pookie, as they just sat.
  • Eggs didn't get adopted often.
  • Some mean pookies may have tried to break the egg.
  • Eggs are very fragile and can break if not handled properly, often resulting in death.

Other Animal Births

Pookies weren't the only animal to be conceived. Although it was rare, you could've sometimes seen uppies, kitties, and other animals giving birth. This usually happened through an egg though.

When the animal was born, it would've been ready to be adopted and live with a penguin family, but sometimes they would live with their own family in The Forest.


  • Pookies would've often been the color red or peach after birth, regardless of egg or tummy, and he/she would've needed to be clothed, cleaned, and warmed.
  • Many Pookies hate the concept of Tummies, while many others accept it. Debates were even made about it, if it's good or not.

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