The Bookroom is the room directly above the Coffee Shop. It is where most pookies go to stool. Some pookies go to the University, but this is not always the best choice because it is filled with preps and pookie haters.


What the Bookroom looks like today.

Purpose as a preschool

During the early phases of pookies, the bookroom was usually used as a pre-school. Most of the time, on a busy pookie server like Blizzard, a teacher will come to teach the pookies; rarely pookies will do independent work like reading and writing without a teacher. Usually, one of the mumus/duh duhs will be the teacher.


  • The Bookroom also serves as a library. Sometimes, mumus/duh duhs will take their pookie(s) there during story time.
  • Mumus/duh duhs also might take their pookie(s) here to play Mancala.
  • Sometimes it could be used as a workplace, for Business Penguins.

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