A brother (also called 'broder' or 'bro') is the male counterpart of a sister. Like sisters, brothers will normally do everything together. 

How it happens

When a pookie usually wants a sibling, they go up to a pookie and ask "want to be wistas/broders?". Usually they'll say "wes!" and sometimes they'll say "mo!". If the pookie says yes, the new duo of siblings sit together and wait for adoption. When they get adopted they usually share a room. 


Usually the average pair of pookie brothers like all the same things. Sometimes they're polar opposites! Sometimes a broder may like girly things ie: Boy-Girl Pookies, while the other likes things boys usually will like. When using this idea, think brothers from movies and TV who are polar opposites.


  • Sometimes you'll see brothers that are in sets of twins, triplets or quadruplets.
  • If two brothers are divasMELDsDrama Llamas or just normal pookies, they might fight over who is the youngest, cutest, more handsome, etc.
  • A broder is rarely seen as a Diva/MELD and Drama Lama.
  • If one brother/wista loses a pookie contest, it is likely the other sibling will leave with the other.
  • Sometimes, a pookie will ask a lot for a broder. This may put a lot of stress and pressure on the pookie's parent(s).
  • Sometimes a Mumu will adopt a lot of siblings.

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