Brown (commonly referred to as tan) is a color in Club Penguin. It is commonly seen on duh duhs, mumus, and biggies.


Seen on pookies?

Only if they are discolored.

Seen on which fam fam members?

Hworses, wickens, animal-like uppies, duh duhs, biggy bros, middle bros, middle wistas, biggy wistas, mumus, and discolored pookies.


  • Unlike peach, brown is a gender neutral color, so it can be worn by both male and female penguins.
  • It is never worn by pookies, unless they are discolored.
  • Peach is more commonly seen on female fam fam members than brown.
  • It is also seen on male and female preps. Peach, however, is more commonly seen on female preps than brown.

    A duh duh wearing brown.


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