A pookie in a oven

something a bully would do at home. (stick their sibling in the oven)


A bully thinking her mumu wouldn't find out.

Bully pookies are mean. They are basically a sub-category of diva pookies, as they are not quite as sassy. Some MELDS are also bullies. They are always friends of divas and call other pookies ugly(aww/awh glee).

They usally say:

"Mot!" (when a pookie they think is ugly says they are cute)

"Stop It/Slush it (shut up) Awh Glee (ugly) Baby!"(when they keep saying they cute)

"Mo! Pick Mwe! Mot Her/Him!" (when a mumu picks the pookie they were/are bullying)

"Pushes Off Cliff/Hill/Seat/Ect!"

"Tinks Im The Cutie Woo the Awh Glee (ugly) Bay Bee/pookie!"

"Is Cutest!"

"I'm Way Cuter Than (username here)!"



  • Bullies are very mean, as their name implies. Sometimes, they will act nice at the pet shop, and then they will be mean when no mumus are around.
  • They almost always say they are older/younger and cuter than a pookie.
  • They almost always get a mumu by tapping one and asking to be wista/broder.
  • As mentioned above, they get a mumu by asking to be wista/broder, but not all pookies that ask to be wista/broder are bullies.
  • Some pookie haters only hate bullies and divas and MELDs and love nice pookies
  • Sometimes they annoy someone by spamming "nya nya nya nya nyaa!" in front of them
  • Sometimes in pookie contests they will scream "I'M NEVER GONNA LEAVE YOU ARE SO MEAN!" if they are out then they might spam "SKILLS" (kills)
  • They will usually step infront of other pookies to be picked aka adopted. In real life they might be also pookie haters.

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