Wittle Bunny Hop Hop!

A bunny in a fam fam.

Bunnies are a type of pet for pookies on Club Penguin. There are a few types of bunnies on Club Penguin: traditional, and pookie-like. The differences between them are that they dress and act different.


Traditional bunnies are rarer to find than pookie-like bunnies. They usually dress in either the blueberry bunny costume or one of the few chocolate bunny costumes from the penguin style catalog. They do not usually talk. For more information on what traditional bunnies might wear, click here.

Pookie Like

Pookie Like bunnies are the most common type of bunny. They usually dress with the bunny ears head item, a boa, a pookie body item, a pookie hand item, and a pookie feet item. They can sometimes talk, but this is pretty rare to see.



What a bunny looks like

  • Pookies usually prefer uppies and kitties over bunnies.
  • They are rarely seen in the Pet Shop.
  • Bunnies are easy to lose, and some uppies eat them.
  • They are most likely to be seen around Easter.
  • Rarely, pookies may eat bunnies. Mostly Homeless Pookies do so.

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