A Business Mumu

Cute Buisness Pookie!

A business pookie.

Business Penguins are penguins that work in a business, or industries, companies, etc. They are normally mumus, duh duhs, and very rarely pookies, except they almost always act serious and professional.

What They Are Like

They are normally very serious people and usually very rich. They are usually super overprotective of their pookie. The business parents usually don't let pookies watch Elmo, Teddy Town, etc. They may only let their pookies watch business shows and play business games. Sometimes, a business penguin may think TV all together will 'rot their kids brains' and let them come up with their own ways to play.

Business pookie

A business pookie watching TV.

How They Dress

They usually dress professionally and poshly. They normally wear a bow tie and shirt and jacket. They normally hold a brief case as well. However, most Business Penguins wear anything professional.


  • Business pookies are super rare.
  • There are sometimes even business biggies, middles, uppies, and kitties, although these are mostly rare.
  • Not all Business Penguins are mumus, duh duhs, etc. Most of them are normal penguins.

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