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Seen in the Pet Shop?

Yes, but they can also be found at the Forest.

Friendly to pookies?

Yes, normally.

Are wickens useful?

Yes, they provide eggs and meat to poor families.

Chickens (aka wickens) are very uncommon animals in pookie society. Baby chickens are called chicks (aka wicks or chwicks). Most families who have wickens are poor.

Taking Care Of Wickens

To properly take care of your wicken(s), you will need to have a fully built barn or chicken coop. You should also have a big backyard, so they/it can roam around. If you have a giant backyard, wickens can find their own food, but if you don't, feed them/it one of the following:

  • Bird seed
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Corn
  • Bread crust of any kind
  • Dry fruit
  • Leftovers that are a grain of any kind (bagels, muffins, rolls, etc)
  • Any kind of insect

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