A chick.

Chicks are babies on CP. They act like normal babies and NEVER wear the color yellow, so they wouldn't be confused with a pookie. Chicks only wear belts, hats, capes, and scarves. They also pretend to be covered in down feathers.


  • They are very rare.
    Normal chick

    Another chick.

  • Chicks that are 1-6 months old are silent.
  • When chicks learn to talk they talk properly like instead of "hwi mumu" they say "hi mummy/mommy/mum/mom".
  • Agent 300 of the PHD made the "Chick Protection Program" which now isn't in business anymore because chicks are practically extinct.
  • They are so rare that only 2 have been spotted in 2015 from members of this organization.
  • They are usually found in the forest or in a random place on Club Penguin island. They are never in the Petshop, so they are not mistaken for a Discolored Pookie.
  • They are usually much more intelligent than pookies.
  • Unlike pookies, chicks wear no clothes, but they wear card-jitsu belts and sometimes a head item or neck item.
  • Unlike pookies, chicks act like actual penguins.
  • Chicks hatch from eggs while pookies could hatch from eggs OR come out their mumu's tummy.
  • Most chicks are either pookie haters or pookie neutrals.

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