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The "lost connection" message for March 29, 2017.

On March 29, 2017, Club Penguin's website was shut down and replaced with a redirect to Club Penguin Island. The game (Club Penguin), was also closed because of this, due to Flash being an outdated engine, and to make room for Disney's new mobile app, Club Penguin Island. Club Penguin Island (CPI) seemed to be a failure to pookies, due to its definite requirement of membership to do anything remotely pookie-related. Many members tested the game, before they simply let it go. CPI turned out to be the death of Club Penguin altogether as the member count has definitely decreased.

Future of Pookies

It is highly likely that pookies will not carry over to CPI, as pookies were mostly portrayed by older users, and the fact that Pookie Yellow is not in CPI as of launch. As the majority of older users dislike CPI, there will be no users to inspire new players to carry on roleplaying as pookies. There are a few pookies on CPI, but a substantially low amount compared to the original game. However, pookies have been living on in great numbers on many CPPS (Club Penguin Private Servers), especially Club Penguin Rewritten.


  • It is unknown if the decrease of active users helped close Club Penguin, but it is most likely.
  • Club Penguin Island is rather hard to roleplay on, due to the lack of people there. Extreme chat censorship also contributes to the difficulty.
  • Pookies, most likely, did not move to Club Penguin Island.

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