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Welcome to the Wiki all about pookies. From the clothes they wear, to the things they like to do, we have all the information about pookies you could ask for!  If you have any questions about the wiki, please contact C H U N K Y, the founder, Omegasonic2000 or Pam pam4. In the meantime, if you haven't already, sign in or make an account.  Enjoy!

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300 Articles! Fantastic work guys!

We are always trying to make you feel as comfortable as possible here on the wiki. To extend this task further, please help us by taking this survey

We are doing our best to make our wiki grow! If you know any other users that might be interested in this wiki then please ask them to join! Also, to make the wiki bigger, we will create item articles (Must be items worn by pookies). Chunky

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Wiki News

Wiki News
  • C H U N K Y

    Okay, ever since I went inactive here, this wiki has gone downhill - fast. There's no argument about it.

    So, I'm not going to guarantee that I'll be active here again, but I'm promoting a few people. Right now, it's just…

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  • C H U N K Y
    • I am also making this blog as a thread


    Recently there have been many incidents of arguing and bullying, and it is getting out of hand. Me and Pam have been discussing what we could do to get you guys to get alo…

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  • C H U N K Y

    Save the Wiki!

    February 22, 2015 by C H U N K Y

    Hello. Yes, I have been inactive. But I have been reading your messages. I am sorry for letting the wiki come to it's current state. I am not returning to my previous rate of activity, just coming by every now and then. …

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