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Welcome to the Wiki all about pookies. From the clothes they wear, to the things they like to do, we have all the information about pookies you could ask for!  If you have any questions about the wiki, please contact the founder, C H U N K Y, or one of our admins. In the meantime, if you haven't already, sign in or make an account. Enjoy!

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Hey everyone. I thought I'd let you know that User:DoctorWhooves has moved to User:Phil Trash Number One. Hope this isn't too awkward for you all! ~ Doctor

300 Articles! Fantastic work guys!

We are always trying to make you feel as comfortable as possible here on the wiki. To extend this task further, please help us by taking this survey

We are doing our best to make our wiki grow! If you know any other users that might be interested in this wiki then please ask them to join! Also, to make the wiki bigger, we will create item articles (Must be items worn by pookies). Chunky

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Wiki News

Wiki News
  • XxObjectShows4LifexX


    February 22, 2016 by XxObjectShows4LifexX

    Alright people, you guys still won't listen go the rules. No fanon on this wiki! This is strictly a canon wiki. If you want to put fanon or fanfic on pages, please go to my wiki! The link will be on the bottom. We will t…

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  • Pookieluv

    About Fanons

    December 31, 2015 by Pookieluv

    So here's the deal. Lots of the users and I have been discussing what we should do with fanons. They have been crowding up the mainspace, and we just can't have them on pages. We tried putting them on threads and blog p…

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  • Pam pam4

    Logo Design

    October 19, 2015 by Pam pam4

    Hey everyone, It's Pam.

    So, a lot of people (all of you?) has seen the wordmark at the top of the wiki. Or the picture at the top which says Club Penuign Pookie Wiki. 

    I've came up with the idea (stolen from the CPW) to m…

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