College Is where Biggy Wista's and Biggy Bro's go to after graduating from High School

What Is College?

College is where Biggys go to after their high school graduation. They will first have a tour around the college and then go into their room (also known as dormitories). They will have to study harder here for big tests and after about 4 weeks in real life (about 3-4 months in club penguin life) there will be a graduation exam and whoever passes will graduate from the school, after they graduate they will be able to choose what job they want to do or what job is good for them. Sometimes girls that go here can meet cute/hot boys and ask them out, some preps that like the same say "Bumps Into" just to get their attention. Some people use their igloo as a college and add a couple of rooms, to learn more about making a college in your igloo, click here. Some preps try to steal other people's boyfriend's and hang out with them, upsetting the girl who he is dating/used to date. Sometimes a prom happens (e.g, people start shouting out "PROM TOMORROW" or "What should I wear for prom?"). Some people that don't want to go to prom just usually stay at the college or throw a party at their igloo or go out somewhere to hang out at. At the end of the school year then the people will have to say their goodbyes and move on to their new life.


  • Some Preps sneak notes around during class when people aren't looking. 
  • Some pookies usually go to college to visit their biggy wista or biggy broder. The biggy can introduce their baby Wista or Broder to their friends at college.
  • You can sometimes watch videos on youtube on how to make a college.
  • Preps usually only go to rare colleges
  • Some people are angry that the Preps took over the CP university, which can also be used for a college
    Screenshot from 2014-05-29 19-45-00

    Picture of a college

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