A cwow

Friendly to pookies?

Yes, usually.

Friendly to other pets?


Where are they found?

Cows and calfs are usually found in the Pet Shop, but they can be found in the Forest as well.

Are they useful?

Yes, they provide meat and milk to the fam fam.

Cows (aka cwows) are uncommon farm animals. Baby cows are called calves (aka cwalves or cawves). Most fam fams who own (a) cwow(s) are usually poor.

Taking Care Of Your Cow(s)

To properly take care of your cow(s), you must have a barn in your backyard. You must have you and your family members milk and clean the cow's udders daily. You need to also provide (a) yellow puffle beds for it/them to sleep on, which is meant to resemble hay. If you are thinking about adopting a cow, you must have a big backyard that has grass. Cows are mostly very picky eaters and only eat grass, so a backyard is a requirement.

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