Cuz Cuz is the pookie word for cousin. Cuz Cuz's are very rare. They are the pookies of an Au Au (If there is one, otherwise they may just live with the family). They can be mean or nice. Au Aus may get pookies for many reasons, such as the mumu not wanting them to take over the family. 

Sometimes cuz cuzs and Au Aus will come with the family on a family vacation.  Other times the family will take a vacation to visit the au au and the cuz cuz/cuz cuzs  They may also visit often if the au au lives nearby (Figuratively.). The family may also visit for holidays, or even for a family reunion.  Sometimes families, au aus, and cuz cuzs will live in the same igloo. They dress like normal pookies.

Pookies are likely to be a Cuz Cuz if they go to another mumus igloo. The Mumu will often not wish to keep to pookie and may give it to their sister ( Au Au)

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