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An example of death.

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A pookie after death.

 Caring for a pookie is fun, but it's not all fun and games. A pookie or other family member may die. Once your pookie is dead, it can/cannot be revived.

Reasons a pookie might die

  • Your pookie got severely injured.
  • Your pookie became very sick.
  • You forgot to feed your pookie or give it water.
  • It drowned
  • It fell down 
  • It was smothered, bludgeoned, shot or stabbed
  • It doesn't feel loved (suicide).
  • Randomly, for drama.

Ways to prevent a pookie from dying

WARNING: These do not always work.

  • Feed and give water to your pookie regularly 
  • Never hurt your pookie in any way
  • Make sure your pookie stays safe
  • Place puffle guards around the oven/fireplace
  • Teach your pookie how to swim so they don't drown