Details are a certain quality or power that a pookie might have. Some pookies like to pretend that they are mermaids or lost princesses. Pookies usually use details to get picked by a mumu or act very cute. They can use details to be whatever they want.

Examples of Details

Here are just a few examples of details. Feel free to use them when you play as a pookie.

  • Able to breathe underwater longer than the average penguin
  • Able to fly
  • Able to run fast
  • Able to create potions, poisons and medicine
  • Able to use powers such as controlling water, fire, air, earth
  • X-Ray vision or Mind control ray
  • Able to teleport
  • Secretly a mermaid
  • Lost princess from a land far away
  • Secretly a vampire at night
  • Secretly a werewolf at night
  • Secretly being an angel, devil or other species
  • Secretly being a superhero or supervillain
  • Being an actor/actress, singer or sports player
  • Being famous
  • Being rich details

Since it has no chat filters, details are more detailed than what you would see on Club Penguin. They
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would normally say something like *Steps Out Of Teal Diamond Jet And Waves To Screaming Fans* or *Walks In Grimy Pet Shop Double Doors And Walks With Sassy Sway* when picking a pookie. They would also use caps because caps are allowed there. There are also some examples of details at the bottom. You're more than welcome to use them. 
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