Disabled Pookies are pookies with a lost sense, such as sight, hearing, or the inability to speak. Divas and MELDs often bully and report these pookies.

Blind pookies

Screenshot 2015-08-21 at 00.37.52

A blind pookie

Blind pookies are a type of disabled pookie. As seen by the title, blind pookies are pookies that are blind. They almost always have a guide uppie or a dog puffle with them to help them get around. Blind pookies also may have a cane and dark sunglasses. These pookies will need to get special education, due to being blind. Blind pookies usually need a maid or butler in the fam fam to help them. Sometimes, pookies pretend to be blind to get more attention.

Color blind pookies

These pookies are not technically disabled, and they act the same as normal pookies. All that is different about them is that they may see colors differently. For example, they may not be able to tell the difference between blue and purple. These pookies definitely do not need special education, because they are basically the same as normal pookies.

Deaf pookies

Deaf pookies are less common than blind pookies, but still rather common. Some deaf pookies might need guide uppies or dog puffles. These pookies will need to learn sign language, since they can't hear normal conversations. If someone wants to talk with a deaf pookie, they will have to put the words "Shows with hand" in front of every sentence, and vice versa. If a pookie is too young to learn sign language, they can say "Tinks (insert sentence here)" like other newborn pookies. Also, if a deaf pookie is not born deaf, and became deaf in an accident, they can speak in English, or what ever language they learned when they were younger. However, they will still need to know sign language, so they would know what other penguins are saying to them. These pookies might need a maid or butler, but they usually don't. Sometimes, pookies pretend to be deaf to get more attention.

Mute pookies

Mute pookies are pookies who can't speak. They may learn sign language, but they could also type on a special computer or another electronic device that says the words they type out loud. In front of each sentence, the mute pookie could say "Shows with hand" or "Types". Typing is more common. They usually carry the laptop hand item around. Sometimes, pookies pretend to be mute to get more attention.

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