Discolored Pookies (or discoloured pookies) are common as newbie pookies who don't know that pookies are supposed to be yellow, but extremely rare if a pookie chooses to be that color and has a condition.  They act the same as normal pookies, except they are a different color. They usually get teased and reported by diva pookies . Most discolored pookies wear long shirts and masks to cover their skin, but that gives them a very low chance of getting adopted, since those items are not cute. Discolored pookies usually are very shy, probably because of the way they look.
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One of today's discolored pookies

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Another one.

Today's discolored pookies

Lots of "discolored pookies" are seen today, but they are not really discolored. They usually say "Not all pookies have to be yellow." If you see one of these, note that they are the complete opposite as normal discolored pookies. They sometimes choose to be that color, but most of them do not know that pookies are supposed to be yellow. They are mostly non-members. About half of today's discolored pookies wear no clothes and are mostly found on the servers Iceberg and Abominable.


Discolored pookies don't speak like normal pookies, since most of them are newbies. Here are some phrases they commonly say:

  • Knows will never be picked
  • Is discolored
  • Cries
  • Adopt me
  • Has never been picked
  • (sad or depressed emote)
Screenshot 2015-05-24 at 02.15.46


Screenshot 2015-05-24 at 20.23.04
  • Orange discolored pookies are the most common
  • They have a much lower chance of being picked than homeless pookies.
  • Discolorness is not curable, however, it has a slight chance to fade off when a pookie goes through puberty.
  • Some discolored pookies wear yellow paint to cover their discolored feathers.
  • They are actually much nicer and smarter than other pookies.
  • They are the exact opposite of divas.
  • Many penguins do not know about them.

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