Your typical doctor

Where Found

Hospitals, sometimes family igloos (rarely)

Friendly to pookies?


Clothing Items?

Scrubs (usually) with a variety of Hand Items

A doctor or 'dwocter' in CP is a penguin who helps treat illnesses and injuries in the family. Doctors usually work at hospitals, but if there are no hospitals you can sometimes ask around for doctors and there might be one. In rare cases, doctors will live at the family's home (particularly if one of the family members has a disease or is blind). This is not common because most doctors work in Hospital Igloos. Most of the time they ask for payment.


  • Sometimes, "Hospital Uppies" will help doctors in their work by cheering up patients.
  • Usually, if there are no doctors/hospitals in the Town and/or Pet Shop, a family member will dress up as the doctor and, sometimes, they will make their igloos into hospitals.
  • Sometimes fam fam members are doctors and go to work everyday.
  • A maid or a butler may be a doctor.
  • Some fam fam members may take care of pookies in place of doctors.