Domino Divas are just above the MELD rank in the AMP Scale, and are the highest rank in the whole AMP Scale! They tend to act like normal Divas, except they will try to convert other pookies to be a Diva, Drama Llama and/or a MELD. These pookies are rare to see.


At the Pet Shop, they act all cute, or normal at the very least. Once you pick them, they keep up the appearance of being a normal pookie. Then they say, "Mumu, can we get a wista?". You may get a wista because you thought it wouldn't be any trouble. When you go on BRB, they talk to/bribe the wista about being a Diva, Drama Llama and/or a MELD.

Once you return, they ask you for more siblings. Once there are a certain number of pookies, you may go on BRB for something else. When that happens, the original pookie will talk to all the pookies about being a Diva, Drama Llama, and/or MELD.

Many will convert to what the original pookie wants, though there will be a few exceptions. After a few minutes when you are on BRB, they leave one by one saying stuff like: "Woo don't wove mwe!", "Woo are mean to me!", or "Woo ignowing mwe!".Once you return (with your igloo possibly empty) and go to the Pet Shop to adopt a new one, they say phrases like: "They meanie! or "Dwon't gwo with them!".  People may get confused because many pookies are saying that you are mean/bad/etc. and may follow their advice. Thus, lowering your chances of adopting a pookie on that server.


  • Ignore and report them.
  • Go on a different server.
  • If you find out your wista is a Domino Diva, report them and tell your mumu immediately.
  • If you find out your pookie is a Domino Diva, report them, kick them out, and ignore them.
  • Check the chat log to see what they have been saying. If they are going to be a Domino Diva, kick them out before it starts.
  • Go on a fake BRB and see if the pookie acts like a Domino Diva. If so, kick them out of your igloo, report them, and ignore them
  • Log off

Signs that your pookie could be a Domino Diva:

  1. They always want more siblings.
  2. They act like your mean when they run away.
  3. They bribe the sibling to convert them to domino divas.


  • If you find out your pookie is a Domino Diva, return it to the Pet Shop at once.
  • Rarely, a pookie who has been affected by a Domino Diva, will become a Domino Diva themselves, but this does not happen often.
  • They are above a MELD in the class of AMP because not only are they mean behind your back, they also affect your other pookies.
  • Sometimes, regular Divas and MELDs will become Domino Divas.
  • Sometimes Domino Divas don't act the way they are, but a normal MELD.

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