A doorstep pookie with a note.

Doorstep pookies, or Basket pookies are a common sighting. They are pookies go to a mumu or duh duh's igloo without being picked, and they often sit in a box or basket by the door with a note. Their hope is that the mumu or duh duh will feel bad for them and take them in, but this does not happen often. Rarely, a basket pookie may be a pookie hater.


  • Most mumus or/and duh duhs do not like doorstep pookies and return them to the pet shop or throw them out into the snow.

    Another doorstep pookie.


    An uppie mad at a doorstep pookie.

  • Pookies don't like doorstep pookies because they don't think it's fair that the basket pookie can get adopted without doing any work.
  • Doorstep pookies can be a type of Follower.
  • Doorstep pookies can be very stubborn. If a mumu or duh duh doesn't take them in (and they usually won't), the pookies will get mad and throw a fit. They usually don't leave the house until the members of the house have reported and/or ignored them. They love causing drama.
  • Sometimes they are suck-ups.
  • They are often abandoned.
  • Some of the time, they are relatives of the Fam Fam who has the parents gone.
  • Uppies and other pets may not be friendly too the pookie when it first arrives.

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