Drama Llamas are above MELDS in the AMP Scale and below Domino Divas


They are a close relative to the Diva, being similarly arrogant and stuck up. They tend to say things like: "Is spoiled and bossy!", "Sees awh glee pookie and pukes!", and/or "Ugh!". When somebody picks them, they normally say stuff like "Mo!" or "Woo yucky!" and try to get people to side with them. People may come up and say "Pats Captain Cutie and pelts meanie (the person wanting to picks them) with rotten veggies!" They may try to get as many people to turn against their victim. In a pookie contest, they might sit other pookies' chairs. If they do not win, they usually will throw a tantrum, be rude to the winner(s) of the contest and make people want to leave.


  • Report/ignore them. 
  • Do your best to remember their username(s) and write to Club Penguin about it.
  • Report them to a Pookie Protector.
  • Log off that server and get on later.
  • Go on another server.

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