A rich duh duh.

A duh duh (also known as dudu or dada) is a father of a pookie in Club Penguin. They are not very common, since a lot of pookies are sexist. They are seen often on the Club Penguin App.

Types of duh duhs:

There are many types of duh duhs:

Newbie duh duhs:

This kind of duh duh is the most common. They are usually non-members, and they usually don't wear wanted duh duh clothes or the color tan.

Rich duh duhs:


A newbie duh duh.

This kind of duh duh wears the expected clothes of The Tuft, the Pearl Necklace, the Black Hoodie, and the Black Dress shoes. They are seen much more often than newbie duh duhs on CPPSes. Some rich duh duhs are also preps.


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