Not to be confused with the healthy food with the same name.

An egg in-game


An typlical egg

An Egg on Club Penguin is a pookie, uppie, and (very rarely) a kitty in an egg. They go to the Pet Shop and normally say "Free Egg!". If a mumu decides to adopt it, she will keep it warm until it hatches. If the egg does not get adopted, it may hatch in the Pet shop. After it cracks and hatches, the egg becomes a pookie/uppie/kitty.


Egg penguins usually wear the color white, and may wear a white ninja belt, a ghost costume, or a mummy outfit. Eggs will rarely wear any costumes besides this.. After they hatch, they will change colors (yellow if they are a pookie or uppie, brown or white if they are a kitty) and may wear clothing.


Member Only Clothing


  • Sometimes, instead of eggs, pookies will be born, like a human would be. These pookies are called "tummy" or "tum tum" pookies (you can be banned for sexual language, if you are not careful)
  • On Club Penguin, mermaid, dragon and dinosaur eggs are also found, however, these are very uncommon
  • Sometimes, MELDs or pookie haters will try to crack an egg
  • Sometimes, uppies or pookies will eat an egg, but this rarely happens.
  • Eggs aren't seen as often anymore.
  • Eggs tend to be picked fewer times than tummies.
  • Rarely, an egg is abandoned by a mumu and is put in the Pet Shop.
  • They are often Non-Members. But sometimes they are members

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