Red, Orange

Friendly to Pookies?

Yes, although very few pookies ever see Elmo in person.

Elmo is a popular character with Club Penguin pookies. It is based off the mini-show "Elmo's World" on Sesame Street in real life. Nearly every pookie likes and watches Elmo, no matter their age. Elmo is mostly hated by Pookie Haters because so many pookies like Elmo.


Elmo is a fuzzy, red monster, that lives in Sesame Street, and is one of the most popular icons in pookie culture. Despite being a monster (because monsters are usually mean to pookies), he is innocent, kind, childish, and he loves pookies just as much as they love him. Usually, when pookies are left alone in a room with a television, they will watch either Elmo, Bunny BarnTeddy Town or something else. When at the Pet Shop, pookies may try to get adopted by acting cute, and singing Elmo's theme song. Parents give pookies golden Elmos to attract them, and bake Elmo pizza for their pookie's dinner, and also Elmo pancakes for breakfast.


  • Elmo has a lot of merchandise in real life.
  • More pookies like Elmo than not. If a pookie hates Elmo, they may say "pushes Elmo doll away" or "gates (hates) Elmo!". This is rare, but has been seen.
  • Elmo is likely the only monster pookies trust.
  • Sometimes, mumus will say "is director of Elmo!" to attract pookies. 
  • Pookies will try and act cute sometimes by saying phrases like "sings Elmo's World!" or "hugs golden Elmo!"
  • If a pookie is out in a pookie contest, the mumu may give the pookie a golden Elmo.
  • At lunch and dinner, pookies will likely have Elmo pizza, cake, cookies, mac and cheese, etc.
  • Sometimes penguins will dress up as Elmo and entertain pookies.
  • When pookies can't sleep, they might watch Elmo on a TV. And if a pookie cannot sleep without sounds, they may fall asleep to Elmo, or another show.
  • During Story Time, the mumu/dada might read an Elmo book.
  • It is currently unknown why pookies like Elmo so much.
  • Elmo is the most popular show for pookies, just ahead of Teddy Town and Bunny Barn.
  • When a newborn or toddler is crying, they might stop if Elmo or a similar show is turned on.

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