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An ice fairy.

Fairy Pookies are an extremely rare kind of pookie. They are very similar to magical pookies. There are many different types of them. Fairy pookies often dress according to their type. Fairy pookies are not just found in the Pet Shop, they can be found anywhere on the island, especially the Cove, The Forest, and the Hidden Lake.

Types Of Fairies

  • Water Fairy
  • Nature Fairy
  • Ice/Snow Fairy
  • Princess Fairy

What They Wear

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An example water fairy.

Head Items

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A princess fairy.

Neck Items

  • Fairy Wings (most common on princess fairies)
  • Golden Wings
  • Bee Wings
  • Twee's Wings (most common on water fairies)
  • Monarch Wings
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A non-member fairy.

  • Purple Butterfly Wings
  • Snow Fairy Wings (most common on nature fairies)
  • Angel Wings (most common on ice fairies)

Body Items

  • Fairy Costume
  • Technicolor Fairy Dress
  • Enchanted Fairy Dress
  • Snow Fairy Dress (most common on ice fairies)
  • Fairy Flight Outfit (most common on nature fairies)
  • Princess Costume (most common on princess fairies)
  • Blue Sky Dress (most common on water fairies)
  • Ballerina Dress
  • Pink Dress
  • Any kind of dress

Hand Items

Feet Items

  • Ballet Shoes (most common on princess fairies)
  • Wave Sandals (most common on water fairies)
  • Ice Sandals (most common on ice fairies)
  • Green Sparkly Dress Shoes (most common on nature fairies)
  • Bunny Slippers

Non-Member Fairy Pookies

Fairy pookies are often nonmembers, since fairy wings can be simply accessed using a code.


Most fairy pookies have some kind of power. Some use wands, others don't. A fairy pookie might have powers such as:

  • Creates giant wave with palms/wand
  • Makes rain fall down with hands/wand
  • Creates waterfall with palms/wand
  • Makes leaves appear and blow on trees with hands/wand
  • Creates vine as a graveling hook with hands/wand
  • Levitates in the air!
  • Makes snow fall gently to the ground with hands/wand
  • Creates blizzard like Elsa using palms/wand
  • Freezes (insert object/name here) using palms/wand
  • Transforms into (insert animal here)