Fake BRBS are used for spying on pookies to prevent trouble. Most Club Penguin users who are not on here do not know about it, so this works. It is recommended to not share this with anyone, so you have a way to prevent trouble.

When To Do It

Screenshot 2015-09-15 at 00.39.41

A Mumu using a fake brb

Do this when your pookie is getting bored, when he/she says "mwe bored." "can we do swomething?" That is an easy way to know when your pookie is bored, but sometimes pookies show human signs of being bored. Also, do this when you first get your pookie, after 5 or so minutes. Do not do this right away. You will do this to see what kind of pookie your pookie is, this helps. Sometimes do this when your pookie is acting suspiciously, but this rarely happens. This is also helpful at any random time. This is also helpful when you think your pookie is a MELD or a Domino Diva.

How To Do It

When you have decided to do this, just say brb like you normally do. To do this normally, just type the letters brb. This means be right back. Then sit down in the spot you are so your penguin won't move when your mouse/mousepad moves. Do this for about one minute or one minute and thirty seconds. If your pookie makes trouble, do not say back! Just jump at them and send them to time out. Or you could make another account and make that account as a babysitter.

Why It Helps Pookies

Sometimes, when you adopt a domino diva, they make trouble, and make more troublemakers while you are on BRB. So when they make trouble, then you can stop them in your fake BRB.

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