A "fam fam" is the family of a pookie on Club Penguin.  A fam fam can consist of any combination of pookies, a mumu and/or duh duh,pets, extended fam fam (au au aus, un uns, grammas, grampies), or workers in the family like maids or butlers.

List of the Different Types of Fam Fam Members

Fam Fam Members
Type Age Common School Grade Description Home
Pookie 1-7 Yes. Pre-K or Elementary School. Baby penguins. With the fam fam.
Middle wista/broder 8-14 Yes. Middle school or high school. Much like teens only smaller and younger. With the fam fam.
Biggy wista or broder 15-19 Yes. High school or college. Basically teenagers. With the famfam (mostly).
Mumu/duh duh 20-60 Yes. College or a job. Adults that look after the fam fam. With the famfam.

60-100 (gramma/grampy)

20-60 (au au/uncle)


N/A, they may be retired or have a job

Visits (maybe lives) in the famfam. Own home with their own life or with fam fam.
Uppie Any age. Yes. Usually none, rarely hospital uppie and/or guard dog. Protects the fam fam, and are very loyal pets. Uppies are also good trash cans. so you can feed them leftovers (no sweets)! With the fam fam.
Kitty Any age. No. None. Eats mice, hates uppies most of the time With the fam fam.
Bunny Any age. No. None. Usually stays in cages, loves carrots. With the fam fam.

Fam Fam Sizes

Type Members
Homeless Usually one parent and one or two pookies.
Small One parent (rarely two) or one-three pookies, or a pet.
Normal Mumu/Dada, 1-4 pookies, 1 Biggy and one-three pets.
Big Mumu, Dada, 3-6 Pookies, some biggies and middles, and about four pets
Huge Mumu, Dada, Pookies, Biggies, Middles, Aunts, Uncles, Pets, Grammas and Grandpas
Gigantic Mumu, Duh Duh, Babysitters, Pookies, Biggies, Middles, Young Middles, Au Aus, Un Uns, Cuz Cuzes, Grammas, Grampies, Uppies, Kitties, Butlers, Maids, Bunnies, and farm animals (usually a big fam fam).


  • The most common sizes of fam fams are normal (3-5 members).
  • Sometimes a mumu/duh duh will advertise a "big fam fam".  A big fam fam is a free to go to igloo where you don't have to be adopted and anybody can join the family.  Usually the igloo is like a normal fam fam igloo, only it has more rooms.
  • The smallest possible fam fam (besides homeless) is a mumu/duh duh, and one pookie/middle/biggy.
  • Pookies have different preferences when it comes to fam fams. Divas will usually want small fam fams so they can get lots of attention, but some pookies want large fam fams because they find them more fun.
  • The number of penguins in a fam fam will vary on what the Mumu/ Dada and Pookie want,sometimes the Pookie wants a Wister but the Mumu wants one Pookie or vice versa.


  • A Pookie, Mumu, Duh Duh, and Biggy Wista (big sister)
  • A Mumu, Broder, Pookie, and Uppie Dining
  • A Pookie Falling Asleep while her Biggy Wista (big sister) Reads her a Story
  • Four Pookies Winking.
  • A Pookie Having a Tea Party
  • A Big Fam Fam
  • A Small Family
  • A family (With a mumu, pookie, biggy and bunny) on Vacation
  • A Small Family with a Mumu, Pookie and Dada
  • A large Family dining with an uppie, pookies, mumu, middle and biggy
  • Another small fam fam.
  • A fam fam with 2 pookies, a biggy and a mumu and dada.