Fam fam

A Family Reunion is rare for families, and usually happens with large ones. The reunion is like a party where all the aunties, uncles, cousins, grandmas, grandpas, and anyone else in the family get together in one spot. This is hard because the mumu of the family has to plan ahead and ask people to join the family.

Who will come

Of course, the regular family you have will always be at a family reunion (pookie, mumu, biggy wista or biggy broder). But the hard part is getting extra people, like Au Aus, papas, grammas,grampas, and cousins. Usually the person planning the family reunion has family and friends in real life who are willing to act as other members. Other times, the planner of the party will get on another website (like this one) and make a sign up sheet. The familiy reunion is for pookies and others to meet other people in the family they never knew they had and also for mumu to chat with relatives.

Where they go

There are lots of different kinds of reunions, and with each one is a different place.

  • Sometimes, the family reunion will be like a vacation. In this case the family would meet up at places like the cove or ski hill. If it is an overnight trip, they would probably stay at places near the resort, like the cabin in ski village, or they may even go camping in the forest.
  • When a reunion isn't very fancy, it will be something like dinner or a movie. These reunions only last a few hours, whereas the one above would be multiple days.
  • The last kind of reunion is kind of a mix between the first two. All the members of the family will sometimes stay at the planner's igloo. The planner would probably make extra bedrooms or, if they are rare, lay out sleeping bags for other members of the family. Sometimes there is a small party while the family members are there, but other times it's just like a giant slumber party.


  • Fam fam reunions happen very rarely because you need a lot of people to be relatives.

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