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A Pookie Eating With Manners.

Pookie eat

Two wistas and a mumu eating breakfast.

To see a list of when to feed pookies, see Pookie Meals.
Pookies eating at pizza

Pookies eating

Just like humans, pookies need food too! And it's not like they can just get it themselves. This is a good page to read if you are a new mumu.

What do they eat?

What pookies eat depends on their age. Here's a chart:

Newborns - Just milk, from a bottle (the other kind (breastmilk) can usually get you banned if you aren't careful).

Pookies 1-2 - Soft things, like Jello and smoothies. Some mumus also give them Mush Mush, which is baby food. It comes in lots of different flavors.

Toddlers 3-5 - This is when your pookie grows teeth. you can feed them chicken nuggets, pasta, pizza, pancakes, cake, and pie etc.

Older Pookies 6-9 - These older pookies can get most food for themselves, but you still need to have set mealtimes for dinner. They can make lunch and breakfast by themselves fine. Foods they may eat include pasta, hard candy, ect. They will not want themed stuff anymore cause they think they are a "grown up".

How and when

For pookies 3-5, they usually like their food character themed. This means instead of giving them pizza, you can give them "Elmo pizza" And instead of pancakes, they can get "Barney Pancakes" for breakfast, as an example. Here are themes they might like.

  • Bunny
  • Teddy Town
  • Bunny Barn
  • Elmo
  • Barney
  • Clown
  • Spongebob
  • Puffle
  • Princess/prince
  • Teddy
  • Fairy
  • Uppie
  • Kitty
  • Butterfly
  • Happy face


Every once in a while, a mumu might take their family to a restaurant. This usually happens on a special occasion, like a pookies birthday, or when a mumu is just too tired to cook. When famfams go out to breakfast, they usually go to the coffee shop. For lunch and dinner, the most popular place is the pizza parlor. They can also go to the snack shop in the cove (this is usually after a famfam goes swimmy) or the kiosk in the mall (usually after a famfam goes shopping).

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