Followers are usually annoying penguins who go into the igloo of other fam fams. There are five types of followers:


an example of a follower.

  1. Normal, annoying penguins.
  2. People who are in a fam fam.
  3. Unadopted pookies
  4. Pookie haters
  5. The leader of the household's "friends" which they didn't ask to join the fam fam.

Many mumus and duh duhs find this annoying so they often say, "GET OUT!" or referring to, "OUT OUT OUT!!" usually said by a pookie. Rare pookies usually find unrare pookies to not be cute so they dislike them. Some followers will defend themselves by saying, "NO!" or, "NO WAY!". The most common followers are unrare pookies, people who would usually be in a family, and normal penguins. Sometimes, the mumu/duh duh will find the follower cute if they are rare pookie followers and they will adopt the follower. This usually annoys the other pookie who is staying with the mumu/duh duh.


  • The pookie who is staying with the mumu/duh duh will sometimes get along with the pookie follower.
  • Uppies will usually bark at the follower, and to make more violence and drama, bite.
  • Sometimes biggies or middles will try to help to get the follower out.
  • Sometimes followers are actually just pookies, middles, biggies, or pets who thought they were picked but weren't.
  • Doorstep Pookies can be mistaken as follwers.