Most pookies stay with their Fam Fams all the time, but it doesn't have to be that way! Sometimes pookies or biggies can have best friends who can come over and visit sometimes. It can take some work though!

Getting a friend

Using a friend you don't actually know in real life is hard, so most pookies or biggies use people they know in real life. Pookies usually get friends at Pre-School. Usually it is their real life sisters or brothers, or their real life friends. They can tell their real life friends and family what igloo they are in and what server. Then they tell the Mumu (on CP) that their friend is coming over for a visit.

Things to do with friends

For pookies' best friends, the mumu usually sets up fun activities to do (arts and crafts, coloring) For biggies, they usually plan the visit themselves and do makeovers or listen to music.



Three pookie friends

Sometimes if a friend has been over before, they get invited over for a sleepover. The mumu will usually set up another bed in her iggy for the friend to sleep in, then prepare a large breakfast for when the friends wake up.


Parties only work if you have lots of people using a computer. Biggies will sometimes say "I'm having a party" Pookies might pretend to mail invitations and do lots of things for their party. Other times, there are surprise birthday parties for the biggy, or the pookie, where the Mumu gets people over. When a pookie or biggy doesn't have real life friends who play CP, they will usually go to the pet shop for pookies or the stadium for biggies and say something like "You're invited to my party! It's at my moms igloo" (Then they throw a snowball at the mom)


Most pookie visitors are actually friends. They usually are the friends of a Fam Fam.

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