Gothic Pookies are a unusual and rare type of pookie. They are not in the Pet Shop often, and they do not get picked often either. This is what they wear and what they may look like:
Another picture for a wiki

A gothic pookie

Head items

Face items

  • Mask
  • Black Superhero Mask
  • Nothing

Neck items

  • Black Feather Boa
  • Raven Wings
  • Phoenix Wings
  • Black Shoulder Bag
  • Purple Rugby Scarf
  • Halloween Scarf
  • Big White Scarf (uncommon)

Body items

  • Sailor's Shirt
  • Black Hoodie
  • Black Letterman Jacket
  • Referee Jersey
  • Electro T-Shirt
  • Witch Hazel Dress
  • Layered Marshmallow Look
  • Dark Denim Jacket
  • Black Penguin Band Hoodie

Hand items

Feet items

  • Black Sneakers
  • Black Dress Shoes
  • Dark Brown Fuzzy Boots
  • Purple High Tops
  • Stardust Slippers

Personalities: They may often think alot and not talk to others.

Some goth pookies may not wear black, and most are similar to Tomboy Pookies.

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Another gothic pookie


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A male gothic pookie

  • They are really rare, you may only see a couple in your entire pookieing career.

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