A grampy (or gwampy) is a grammy's husband. Usually, grammies don't have husbands, so this makes them extremely rare, since it is hard to find grammies in the first place. Grampies are also called Poppy, Pa, Papa, or simply Grandpa. They are most commonly found on Blizzard and Iceberg. They were much more common before the pookie world started discriminating male penguins.

What they wear

Screenshot 2015-08-24 at 23.35.03

A grampy on

Screenshot 2015-08-24 at 23.22.50

An average grampy.

Head items:

Any black or gray hair items, or they will go bald.

Face items:

Glasses, or the monocle. They may also wear Santa's Beard or the Gray Beard.

Neck items:

Gray/brown scarves, bowties, or a necklace.

Body items:

Black hoodie, Black suit, really any black, gray, or brown item.

Hand items:

Cane or watch.

Feet items:

Black dress shoes or black sneakers.


  • They do the same method as biggies to get picked, by saying, "Free grampy!"
  • You may never see any in your entire pookieing career.
  • They are usually duh duhs who's pookies have grown up.

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