High School is where biggies and preps go to after Middle School. Afterwards, they may or may not go to college or they could go to university. Preps usually go to High School.

What Is High School?

High School is where biggies go to after Middle School. This is where some penguins meet some cute or hot boys or girls and get to know them. Some preps see that the boys/girls they like are talking with an "ugly" girl/boy and this tends to get them jealous. They will try to steal the other girl/boy's "boy/girlfriend", which leaves the other girl/boy to feel sad, heartbroken, or mad. To find out more about feelings, click here. This is also where they study to go to College. Loads of drama can happen here and can upset people. When penguins graduate from High School, there is usually a prom to celebrate. Sometimes, there is a "School Dance", which is like a prom but it's different (e.g. There is no King or Queen or a special dance). After penguins graduate they will have one more week of High School after prom. They then have the opportunity to go to College or University. Biggies and preps may choose not to go to College or University however.

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