Holiday Teddy
The Holiday Teddy

Common rarity on pookies


Member item?


Range of color/patterns?




The Holiday Teddy is a common item to see. It was first released in December 2012, it is more common than the Puffle Stuffie, Stuffed BunnyTurtle Toy, and the Dude Stuffie. It is more common on non-members than on members.


  • It was available during the Holiday Party 2012 on the Advent Calender.
  • The Rockhopper Plush is now more common (Released in Puffle Digging), but this item is still seen often.
  • Non-members will wear this item if they have it, even if it's not Christmas.
  • It is best used in winter because the teddy is wearing a santa hat.
  • Some members might wear this around the time of Christmas.
  • It can only be earned during christmas, so most pookies will wear it because it can only be earned during christmas time.

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