Not to be confused with the penguin type of the same name.

Black hoodie
The black hoodie

Common on Pookies rating


Range of colors/patterns?

Yes: Red Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black

Members only?


Hoodies are a clothing item that is not usually worn by a pookie. They are mainly worn by biggies and middles.


  • Biggy Wistas, Biggy Bros, mumus and duh duhs may wear this clothing item.
  • When pookies wear this item, they usually wear the pink, purple, green, or blue hoodies.
  • Prep haters sometimes wear it as a symbol that they hate preps.
  • Pookie haters may wear the black hoodie to show that they are evil.
  • There are a group of people called "hoodies" that usually hate pookies/preps.
  • Pookies usually wear the blue and pink Hoodies paired with a plain scarf and rare boa of the opposite color. For example, if a pookie was wearing the pink Hoodie, she would either wear the unlockable blue boa, or the blue scarf. This is also the case with blue and pink Letterman Jackets and t-shirts. This is a very common style on Club Penguin and CPPSes.