Not to be confused with the clothing type of the same name.

Hoodies are a type of penguin.  They don't care much for pookies, but only small percentage of the hoodie population are pookie haters. They also hate preps, and usually create prep protests, which are very similar to pookie protests.

Hoodie penguin

A hoodie.

Hating pookies?

That small percentage of hoodies that hates pookies have their reasons.  They may bully pookies for common reasons that pookie haters do, but their reasons are much more likeable and logical. Here are some reasons why hoodies hate pookies.

  • They think pookies are taking up too much of the Club Penguin population and have changed CP forever
  • They think all pookies are mean or annoying
  • They want to troll them and make them angry
  • They hate them for generally no reason
  • They think they decrease the quality of CP
  • Their friends hate pookies
  • Someone they look up to hates pookies
  • A pookie or a group of pookies teased, harassed or bullied them and they want revenge


Hoodies may do lots of things to try and prevent pookies.

Hoodies may start pookie protests.  Pookie protests are where lots of penguins dance together in a group in the Pet Shop and say things like "NO MORE POOKIES!!" or "SAVE THE PUFFLES!!".  This is rare nowadays because most Hoodies don't bother trying to destroy pookies anymore.

Hoodies may also be violent to pookies to try to make them die out.  Hoodies may stab, or "tabs" a pookie, use sexual language against them, throw them, punch, kick, or smash them, and other common fighting techniques.

Hoodies may also just annoy pookies.  They may sit on or in front of a pookie and fart, or dance on or in front of a pookie while farting or saying annoying things, or just follow them around and deny everything they say.


  • Hoodies are a type of penguin.
  • Hoodies are also a clothing item.
  • Some biggies, middles, preps, duh duhs, and mumus may dress in hoodies, but dont have the hoodie personality.
  • Sometimes Hoodies only bully pookies because they may be recording a video.
  • Most pookie-hating Hoodies have died out, since a lot of the Hoodie population is dying out as well.  Most of the died-out Hoodies have become pookie lovers or preps.  Some have even become Forestians and taken it to the next level.

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