Hospitals are places penguins go when they're sick or injured. Doctors and Hospital Uppies commonly work there.

Be Aware

To make sure your pookie stays safe, take note if something happens to them. Keep them safe! You may need to go to a hospital if:

  • your pookie is very sick
  • your pookie breaks a bone
  • you are about to give birth to your pookie
  • your pookie gets burned
  • your pookie is attacked by a/an uppie, kitty, wolf etc.
  • your pookie eats/contacts something that they are very allergic to

There are more reasons why you need to go to a hospital, but they will be obvious when the time comes.

Where to Find Them

Go to the Town and look at all of the igloos. If one of them is a hospital, go there. If you don't find any, you can always make your igloo into one or go to a room in CP, such as the Lighthouse.

Signs That You Need To Take Them To A Hospital

  • "Wheesies!" (Wheezes)
  • "coughs and sneezes!"
  • "owwie!"
  • "screams in pain!"
  • "cries in pain!"
  • "Flipper is broken!"
  • the pookie turns red, symbolizing blood.
  • "crawls into oven!"
  • "is injured!"
  • "is sick!"
  • "Welp!"
  • "SCREAMZ!"
  • "WAAAAA"
  • "dwies" (dies)

The list goes on. Don't take your pookie to a hospital every time they say "ouch", but be careful and try to protect them. If they turn red, that is a definite hospital trip. More signs are turning blue (from lack of air or cold), black (from burns), purple (from lack of air), green (to symbolize sickness), or white (symbolizing being pale because they are cold or sick).


  • Some pookies refuse to take medicine. This makes it difficult for them to get better.
  • Some pookies are afraid of hospitals.
  • Sometimes you can treat your pookie at home.
  • Give your pookie attention, otherwise they will constantly be getting hurt.
  • The pookie may die at the hospital.
  • Usually the hospital is the lighthouse from the Puffle Party.

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