Many young pookies, such as newborns, require a lot of care. Since these pookies are too little to take care of themselves, they need a mumu or other fam fam member to take care of them. One of the essential items for caring for these young pookies is a dippy. This page is made to answer your questions on how to change your pookie.
Pookie wearing dippy

A pookie wearing a dippy.


A pookie with a dirty dippy.

Changing a pookie

So, you've brought home your new pookie. You put him/her down for a nap, and he/she soon wakes up crying. His/her dippy is dirty! What do you do now?

First try to comfort your pookie. Calm him/her down and quiet his/her tears. Pick him/her up and carry him/her to a changing table or comfortable surface, like a play mat. Then remove your pookie's dirty dippy and dispose of it properly. Clean your baby up; wipe him/her. After that, you may put baby powder on them to ease their discomfort. Once you have followed these steps, put a clean and fresh dippy on your baby.