Item Adder Pookies are basically pookies that use an item adder often to have free access to almost every single item. This gives them a quite unfair advantage over other pookies in pookie contests or picking a mumu, but some item adder pookies eventually get banned (usually 72 hours) due to hacking their account. Some item adder pookies are divas or MELDS, but this is not always the case. They are usually female, and wear very rare items, even if they don't even have a star on their member badge. This is a major sign to look out for if you want to spot an item adder pookie. Item adder pookies usually wear the following items.

Head items:

Neck items:

Body items:

  • Lady's Gown (common)
  • Purple Suede Jacket
  • Daisy Zippered Hoodie (usually pink)
  • Pink Dress
  • Purple Dress
  • Blue Sky Dress

Hand items:

Feet items:

Retired Item adder pookies

Retired item adder pookies are pookies who used an item adder once or twice, maybe even three times; but never used them again. They are seen so often, they usually out-number normal pookies. They are usually not divas or MELDs, unlike pookies who use an Item Adder at least once a week. Since they used an item adder, they can get banned, but most people can't tell the difference between normal pookies and retired item adder pookies, so there is a low chance they would be reported.


  • They can be MELDs or Divas, rarely a Drama Llama or Domino Diva.
  • They mainly use them because they want to be rare, and get picked into rare families.
  • Most item adder pookies love to show off their rare items.
  • Item adder uppies, mumus, and biggies are very common too.
  • They can get banned for editing account info. The ban ranges from 72 hours to infinite, depending on how many items they have claimed.
  • Using Item Adders is against the Club Penguin Rules, yet many people still use them, despite the warnings.