Item Adders are hacking programs that allow you to add almost every single item to your account. There is a

Screenshot 2015-09-14 at 22.12.56

The icon used on bait items

high possibility that your penguin will get banned, since editing the information on your account is against the Club Penguin Rules. There are also coin adders, igloo adders, and much more; but pookies usually only use Item Adders. Some penguins miss use the Item Adder programs, and add every item to their account. These penguins (if they are pookies) are called item adder pookies. This gives them an even higher chance to get banned, because Item Adders include bait items.

Bait items

A bait item is an unavailable item, which can only be obtained through cheating. The goal of bait items is to trick cheaters into obtaining the item, and thereby get them caught and banned, hence the term "bait". Bait items usually do not have an associated .swf file. As a result, many bait items have an "X" icon in the inventory.

Types of Bait Items

There are different kinds of bait items in Club Penguin. For instance, pure bait items are not available in any way and result in a ban if permed. Some items can be obtained normally, but using Item Adders or hacking may act like a bait item. Most of the other bait items are mascot items.


  • Club Penguin has recently banned all Item Adders, however, Furniture Adders, Coin Adders, etc are not banned and still usable.
  • The name for pookies who add EVERY item to their account are called Item Adder Pookies.

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